Another Fine Mess

In the crown court, while a fine is not the most common punishment meted out, when they are imposed they tend to be very large. Do I have to pay the fine all at once? Sometimes a court will order full payment (and may give a period of time for this to be completed), but

Knife Crime – Sentencing Changes

Knife crime is very much on the political agenda, with a number of stabbings having taken place over the last few weeks, resulting in deaths and injury, and no doubt the loss of liberty in due course for those responsible. Attention is now focussed on using deterrent sentences to discourage knife possession. The Sentencing Council,

When Driving Becomes Dangerous

There is a specific offence of dangerous driving, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 2 years. If that driving is a cause of someone’s death, the maximum sentence rises to one of 14 years. In each case there are minimum disqualification periods, very lengthy actual disqualifications and insurance premiums which will be significant for