Racially aggravated offences

In recent years legislation has been enacted to ensure that crimes demonstrating a hostility towards certain groups of people are treated more seriously than before. If an offence is said to be racially aggravated, then you should expect a heftier sentence. What does it mean? An offence is racially aggravated if, at the time of

What to expect as a witness

If you have provided a statement for the prosecution or for the defence you may be called to court to give evidence at the defendant’s trial. Is there help available for me? The Witness Service can provide assistance for any witness who has to attend court. This support can be both practical and emotional. They

Will I be granted bail?

This article refers to adults, the law for youths is different. Do I have a right to bail? The starting point is that you have a “right” to be granted bail. This right can only be taken away in certain circumstances. These circumstances being that the court has substantial grounds to believe that if you

Criminal damage

Essentially, the crime is made out if you intentionally or recklessly damage property. Most commonly it is damage to cars and windows, very often as an act of revenge. The damage does not need to be permanent. There have been cases where graffiti, water-soluble paints on a pavement and squashing a policeman’s helmet have all