If you want information about things like whether you can appeal against your prison sentence or what to do if your legal rights were not kept to, you should consult a solicitor. This could be the solicitor who acted for you in the first place or another solicitor. If you were not represented by a solicitor before you went to prison, it is very important to get specialist help as soon as possible.

The rules about prisoners may depend on whether you are a convicted or an un-convicted prisoner.

You’re a convicted prisoner if:

You’ve been convicted.

You’ve been found guilty of an offence.

You pleaded guilty to an offence even if you haven’t yet been sentenced.

You are an un-convicted prisoner if you are awaiting trial or in the middle of a trial.

At Daniel Woodman & Co Ltd we have a wealth of experience dealing with Prison Law and would welcome the chance to discuss any aspects of your case whether you have been convicted, pleaded guilty or awaiting sentence.