Care Proceedings & NAI

Please find information here on the powers of Social Services and the Local Authority to take action to protect a child who they consider to be suffering or at risk of suffering emotional or physical harm. 

Our experienced childcare proceedings solicitors specialise in representing parents, and family members, of children involved in local authority care proceedings.

Pre-Proceedings-Public Law Outline (PLO):

If social services have concerns about children they start a pre-proceedings process “public law outline”. This process is actioned outside of the Court arena to allow parents and social services to work together to try and reduce the concerns they have, to avoid going to Court. You will be invited to a meeting, at which point you should contact a solicitor immediately.

Legal Aid is available to all individuals who are involved in this processes, there will be no legal costs to you. Please get in touch with us today to discuss. click here

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To find out more about the PLO process and for frequently asked question  click here

Care Proceedings:

Care proceedings are initiated if the Local Authority and social services is concerned about a child’s welfare, and they consider there are no other options but to bring the matter to Court.

As a parent or carer with a child arrangements order, you will automatically be entitled to legal aid, there will be no charge to you regardless of your financial circumstances.

Our specialist childcare solicitors also represent grandparents and other carers and family members.

If you’re a parent or carer who has been approached by a social worker in relation to childcare proceedings, you should contact a specialist solicitor at Daniel Woodman urgently.   To get in touch with a solicitor today click here

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Your Child has been Injured? (Non-Accidental Injury)

If the Local Authority are accusing you of injury to your child, it is vital you take urgent legal advice from one of our expert specialist NAI solicitors.  We have extensive experience in this area and can ensure your access to solicitors and barristers who specialise NAI cases.

Daniel Woodman Solicitors have dedicated NAI experts in this specialist area of law- To get in touch with a solicitor today click here  A solicitor will call you back urgently, we can support you at this stressful and difficult time and ensure you get the best legal representation.

You do not need a local solicitor, it is more important that you are represented by a specialist in this area of law, we represent clients throughout England and Wales.  

To find out more about Non-Accidental Injury law and the court process   click here

Fictitious or Fabricated Illness (FII)

If the Local Authority are concerned that you may be causing or inflicting injury or illness on a child it is important to seek urgent specialist advice. To find out more about FII click here

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