Non-Accidental Injury (NAI)

If you have been accused of an injury to your child the Local Authority will make an urgent application to the Court.  This type of case is referred to as non-accidental injury, even if you have an accidental explanation for the injury. It can be used to describe any type of physical injury or abuse that is suspected to have been inflicted intentionally on the child.

Some common types of non-accidental injury include:

  • Head injury – this can be from a drop or being hit, or by vigorous shaking (known as shaken baby syndrome), and can include fractures to the skull and brain injuries
  • External injuries, such as bruises, bites burns
  • Bone breaks such as fractures.
  • Fabricated or induced illnesses, including poisoning

Whilst sometimes these injuries are deliberately inflicted, sometimes there can be other explanations, such as:

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder which may cause a child to bruise or bleed easily
  • Unknown causes including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Vitamin deficiencies, which can cause a predisposition to bleeding

Medical Expert Evidence

Within the proceedings it will be essential to obtain independent expert medical evidence  and it is vital to identify the correct experts who have experience in these cases. These experts include; radiologists, paediatricians, neuro-radiologists, haematologists, ophthalmologists, and geneticists. We work closely with experts on many NAI cases and have the specialist knowledge to ensure we identify the right experts.

Our Team has extensive experience in this type of case, and of working with experts to analyse the case and find out whether the evidence does or does not point towards abuse or NAI.   It

Criminal Investigation

If you have been accused of inflicting a non-accidental injury upon a child the police will often investigate and this may result in interview and sometimes arrest.  At Daniel Woodman and Co we have specialist in-house criminal defence solicitors and police station representative who can will be able to represent you.  We wok closely with our criminal team to ensure excellent representation in both the criminal and care proceedings.  To contact our criminal team please click here

Barristers Representing you at Court

We work closely with senior barristers and King Counsel across England and Wales in NAI cases, it is essential that the right and most experienced barristers are identified to represent you at Court.  We have close links with and experience of many the best barristers who specialise in NAI.  The case will ultimately proceed to fact-find hearing, with cross examination of all the evidence and witnesses.  This is complicated and specialist work and it is essential that you have the best representation passible.

It is really important that you urgently seek advice from an experienced solicitor who specialises in NAI as soon as possible.  We can support you during this stressful and difficult time and ensure you have the best representation.  Call us urgently on the following numbers to speak to a solicitor, we are here to help you:-

Ruth Slader (Head of Family Team)

Rachael Heale (solicitor)

Rebecca Cook (solicitor)

Or to contact our specialist team click here

You do not need a local solicitor, it is more important that you are represented by a specialist in this area of law, we represent clients throughout England and Wales.  

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